Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where is Your "Home"

A good friend of mine had this post on her blog that made me think about "home."

This will always be my "home." Northern Alabama...The cudzu, the cotton fields, the miles of green trees all speak peace to my mind. Strangers waving as they pass you on the road, making a new friend each time you wait in the check out line at the grocery store and the genuine people that may have little but are rich in happiness.

Many times when I am rude to a phone or door solicitor I come away feeling guilty. That wasn't the way I was raised. I was reminded of this last Christmas season at the mall with my dad. We were stopped by a salesman with a booth filled with wind chimes in the middle of the mall. Shiny, metal, tacky windchimes. Rather than blowing him off, my dad stopped, smiled, made eye contact and listened for what seemed like hours as this guy with a foreign accent rambled on about his wind chimes and how beautiful they were. After he'd finished the entire explanation, my dad politely told him that they were beautiful but that he would have to pass on them this time. As we walked away I tought to myself, "lesson learned."

I love Utah. It is a great place to raise a family. I am grateful to be here. But in my heart, my "home" will always be Alabama.

Where is your "home"??

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Liz-O!

I can't believe you are 7 already. It really isn't fair how quickly time passes. I feel like the craziness of the past two years with the twins has robbed me of watching you turn into the little lady that you are becoming. You love to set your alarm and get up in the mornings to do your reading and your hair. You can't wait to grab the babies out of their cribs when they wake up and you are always doing a perfomance of some kind for us (lately it is dancing and singing to Mama Mia or Natasha Beddingfield.) You are a very responsible, fun, loving and dramatic little girl. This year you wanted a little motor-scooter for your birthday. After we told you that we really couldn't afford one, you decided that you would save up to pay for half of it. You did chores every day for 3 months. When it came time to buy the scooter, you had a really hard time handing over your savings. You had to think about it for a few days before you knew for sure that it was worth giving up your loot. For your little party you invited over a few friends for cupcake decorating and games.

You are such a joy in our family. We would be lost without you!