Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The other night my twins were lying the bed squished together being silly. I sat on the edge of the bed and told them that they used to be squished together inside my tummy. I told them that before they became squished they were very, very tiny and they would swim in my tummy. They looked amazed.

The next morning I could hear them chatting in the kitchen. Hallie said, "CJ, we was squished in Momma's tummy."
"Yep," replied CJ, "and we was swimmin' in Momma's tummy."
I came into the room and CJ looked at me with a dazed look.
"Momma. I was in your tummy?"
I told him he was. Then he asked a question I don't think I'll ever forget....
"Momma. You eat me?"

Friday, November 20, 2009


Even though your stomach turns every time your kid puts their fingers in their mouth, or licks a rope for the swing, or sucks on the water fountain, or lies down on the nasty carpet with 10 billion germs in it....Even though you know this place carries enough viruses to make your whole family through up for a month.....sometimes you just gotta do it anyways...and we enjoyed it.... A LOT!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bama vs. LSU

Craig and I were treated to the perfect weekend down South. My sweet sister, Suzanna, kept our kiddos while Craig and I left on a Wed. night and flew to Alabama. We stayed a couple of days with Mom and Dad, walking in the orchard, visiting our favorite thrift shops, staying up too late and eating way too much. Then we spent a couple of days with Lynn and Mark and their kiddos, showing Craig what REAL football is about. We had a blast at the game eating bbq, people watching and of course watching Bama kick some booty. It was a weekend we'll never forget!

Bama vs. LSU

My sweet Aunt Jane and Uncle Bradley
Stuck in the police van....don't ask.

My sis. Lynn and I at the game

My "little" nephew, Sim.

L-R(Sim, Lynn, Molly, Mark, Seth, Lora, Craig)
Just hanging out.

Lora, Mom, and Lynn.

Me and my daddy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sugar coma

Is anyone else feeling disgusting about all the crap they have ingested over the past week with all the Halloween festivities? Candy corn. Twix bars. Cream cheese frosting. You name eat and chances are I've eaten it over the past few days. I should have just saved myself the trouble and applied them all directly to the thighs and buttocks. Why is it that food=fun. If we're eating good food we're having a great time, right? Well today I put all the cookies, treats, junk in big ziplocs and put it in the freezer. (My mother is always in the back of my head telling me "Don't you dare through that away! That is wasteful!") So I just freeze it and forget it.

Funny Story:

Sunday night, after having a dinner of a sugar cookie, Hallie's left over butterfinger and an E.L. Fudge, I hunkered down at my computer in an almost sugar coma. In the background I can hear little 2 1/2 year old Hallie saying, "Dooooon't chuch it! Dooooon't chuch it! It YUUUUUCKY!" To which Gracie responded, "What is it Hallie." Hallie said, "It poop on da flowa. (floor)" I was still kind of zoned out and then it clicks what they are talking about. I run over and sure enough, there is something brown on the carpet. Chocolate, perhaps? I bend down to sniff. NOPE. Hallie was right. So for the next 5 minutes I'm scrubbing with a hot, wet rag and scrubbin bubbles. Again I overhear my two oldest talking about how mom is cleaning up the poop. I hear Lizzie, my 8 year old, say so matter-of-factly..."Yeah I saw that earlier today. Pretty gross, huh?" Boy, did I fail in teaching my children that when they see a brown blob on the carpet that does not look or smell like chocolate, they need to inform their mother. So, apparently 8 years too late, my four children got a lesson on general hygiene from their half-comatose from sugar, Mom.