Saturday, January 30, 2010

The little things

Tonight Craig and I went out for a quick dinner. Very quick, because it was getting late and our young babysitters needed to be home. We sat and ate (too much) and talked as fast as we could about this and that. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy talking to Craig (probably because we seldom finish a conversation without a child interrupting or the phone ringing.) It was so nice to talk in complete sentences. We both recently got new phones and are trying to become more techno savvy (we're learning to text...I know.) As I finished my last sip of diet coke I heard a little beep beep beep. I picked up my new fancy little phone and it said,"One new text message." I clicked on it and it only said the following:

"I love you." Sent by the man across the table from me.

Funny how those three little words still make me tear up sometimes.

I love that man.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better days

Today was much better. We drove to American Fork to pick up a new pair of church shoes for CJ. He is impossible to find shoes for because of his puffy feet, so we LOVE squeaky shoes...minus the squeak. AND Sophie's Boutique has them on sale for $11.99 a pair right now! Incredible! I didn't tell Craig where we were going because I was afraid of his reaction. When we returned and CJ came hopping in, squeaking all the way, Craig met me at the door with, "Are you freakin' kidding me?" I just laughed. The kid is in love with his shoes! And so is Hallie. I couldn't buy CJ a pair and not Hallie because, by the way, the girl is the most high maintenance chic I've ever met in my life!

After shoe shopping we drove right past "Dippidee", only the most delicious cupcake maker on the planet, I'm afraid. I turned around and stopped in for a half dozen mini's. They're hidden in the outside fridge for our Friday night treat. (I'm trying to make up for the lousy parenting job I've been doing the past few days.)

Today was a good day. New shoes, cupcakes and no accidents from Hallie on the potty-training end of things. (I'll leave CJ's story on that for another day.)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I've been grouchy. I'm not sure why. I just feel like being grumpy. When I tucked CJ into bed he asked me to read him a book. I said, "No." What kind of mother doesn't read her kid a book when they are asked? Craig told me to stop being so mean. I told him, "I'm not being mean, *&^&+%!" He just rolled his eyes and went to kiss the kids goodnight.

I went to get in the bathtub and found little pictures (about 12 of them) from Gracie covering my countertop in the bathroom. When I got into the tub I found all the little candle holders filled with cold bath water from Hallie's earlier bath. I went to the kitchen for a drink and found a paper Lizzie wrote at school. She named her stuffed animal, "Stephanie," by the way. It is after her bus driver whom I think she may love more than me.

I started to make sack lunches for tomorrow and wondered why I've been so mean today. Hormones? Easy blame. Winter/no sunshine? Caring for sick 2 year old twins that insist on fighting every second they are awake? And then I realized that I haven't left the house except for an hour at church (which doesn't really count) in 4 days. That's enough to make anyone crazy!

I'm going to be nicer tomorrow. I put notes in the kids' lunches. Just like my mom used to do for me. I'm going to put something besides sweats on tomorrow and the babies and I are going to buy CJ some new shoes. (Even if they do try to kill each other the entire time.) Wish me luck.