Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy like a Sunday Morning

I love Sundays.  We have the perfect church time: 11:00. Sleep in, come home with a lot of afternoon time left to enjoy.  I'm sure our Sundays are not much different than other families with young children but I did some observing today and wanted to record my musings for a day when my children were all grown and not so crudely amusing. 

Before church was pretty uneventful.  Got ready and left about 15 minutes usual.  When we got home Hallie dropped her animal crackers on the floor of the garage and wailed forever about it.  We all got inside the house and I announced I would be making nachos for lunch.  Everyone was happy.  I made the nachos and suddenly 2 of my children had changed their minds.  I put a big dollop of sour cream on top of everyone's nachos thinking this would get them excited.  The first to try them was Lizzie.  She made a disgusting face and yelled, "This sour cream is rotten."  It was all over for the nachos after that.  Nobody wanted them anymore. 

Hallie followed me for most of the afternoon, attatched to my thigh.  Whining, whining, whining. 

I went to the fridge to see what else I could bring out.  I bent down to look in the meat compartment when CJ came up behind the fridge door and slammed it on me as hard as he could.  Awesome.

Hallie let go of my thigh for a few minutes and I heard her from upstairs, "Somebody diarrhead in the potty and its going to get on the floor."  I yelled back that her dad would be up to check it out.  He shot me a glance like, "Thanks a lot." 

We finally got the kids fed and sent them down to the basement to watch a movie while we took our Sunday nap.   Aren't Sunday naps the best?  I'm not sure why they are so much better than slipping in a nap on a Wed. or Sat.  but they are for some reason.  Before we knew it all four kids were back in the bed with us watching a re-run of Chuck.  I told Craig that I really didn't want to make Sunday dinner.  He agreed so instead we had milkshakes for dinner.  It was the best dinner I've made in a long time. 

After "dinner" we played Chutes and Ladders (Gracie, Hallie, CJ and myself) while Craig and Lizzie played Monopoly.  Hallie cried every time someone got ahead of her and wailed when Gracie won.  *Note to self:  Need to start teaching good sportsmanship to Hallie.

All in all, today was my perfect day.  All my favorite little people around me.  My sweet husband that loves me despite my rotten sour cream and milkshake dinners and I can hear him doing 2 days worth of dishes as I am typing.  I heart him sooooo much. 

Life is oh, so good.


Kamp Paradise said...

I just LOVE reading your post...Always reminds me that everyday crazy is not just me...:)We think about you guys often and miss baseball! Hope you are all happy and well...I remember having watermelon for dinner once :)

The Bonham Family said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday! I love that it sounds so similiar to many of my day's!!! I agree with the milk shake idea! Perfect dinner!