Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank goodness for a good man.

The summer is beginning to change.  Can you feel it?  It's the little things like cooler evenings, the slight rustling of leaves and the faint sounds of Riverton High's marching band practicing.  And, of course, the school supplies.  They're everywhere. 

So in honor of summer ending, we thought we'd sneak the kids out of school for one of the last boating days of the year last Friday.  We were supposed to meet my sister and her family at Deer Creek at 11 am.  Things were going pretty good until it became close for time to leave.  We realized we'd forgotten this or that and CJ was constipated and the list goes on.  We finally got on the road about 10:30.  Heading down I-15 we noticed people pulling up along side us waving hysterically and pointing to the boat.  I looked back to find that the back seat was missing.  Not flapping or bumping up and down....just GONE!  We pulled over.  I looked into the back seat of the car and noticed Lizzie crying into her arm.  She suddenly burst out, "Mom, it's my fault.  I put something under the seat before we left."  Wow.  I was impressed with her honesty.  Craig and I walked back to survey the damage.  No back seat.  One missing life jacket.  I looked at Craig who just stared into the boat.  I said, "She feels pretty bad about it."  He responded.  "Just don't say anything else about it when we get into the car."  And that was it.

We circled around a few exits and came back up the freeway to look for it.  There it was.  Our lovely, big back seat thrashed to pieces in the middle lane of the freeway.   I called 911 and reported a boat seat in the middle of the freeway.  They said they'd send someone right out.  We continued on our way to lake. 

We stopped at the mouth of the canyon to fill up.  Craig told the kids to run in and pick out one thing each.  Gracie jumped out of the car and yelled, "Mom, I didn't wear any shoes."  I gave her mine and got back in the car.  While I waited I texted my sister (she and her family had been waiting for us for an hour at the lake.)  In the text I said, "Be prepared for white trash boating."  After that I sat in the quiet car and thought about my man and the way he'd handled a really crappy situation.  Could've been so much worse.  Could've ruined our day.  But it didn't.

The lake was freezing but we had a blast.  Suzy and I got thrashed around on the tube for a while and when we went flying off I hit the water so hard I thought she'd kicked me in the stomach.  Almost threw up.  Had a headache for the rest of the day. 

Don't worry I got him back, GOOD.  Who says white trash boating can't be fun?

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Moore Family said...

So funny! When you told me this story not long ago I have to say I was really impressed in the way you BOTH handled the situation. I think I would have been sick to my stomach and not had fun. But you guys were so awesome about it.

When can you do dinner? or just a movie? or just a mall walk? Let's do it soon!