Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me...the amputee.

I've got lots and lots and lots to blog about this summer. So much to little time. But for now, I'll leave you with a little laugh from the picture below taken at Lake Mead on July 4th. Yes, that is me. Apparently I am an amputee, or so it appears!  Toodles!
Lora, the amputee and Dylan jumping off the back of the boat. Lake Mead, July 4th, 2010


The Bonham Family said...

Well hopefully you mean names as in children!! Here are a few I like!
Jaelyn (boy)
Issiac (boy)
Brooks (boy)
Max (boy)
Tyce (boy)
Easton (boy)
Taya (girl)
Trae (girl)
Taelor (girl)
Chloe (girl)
I think there are some fun names! different but cute!!!!
elle (girl)
Lila (girl)
Lola (girl)

Megansue said...

This totally made me Smile :D You are so funny! Miss you Lora!!!